Wednesday, May 28, 2008

NPR on Clinton Coverage

This is one of the best things I've heard/read on the coverage of Hillary Clinton. The coverage of Clinton will be one of our first topics this fall.
Quote from the piece (in case the link goes dead):

The record often shows journalists and pundits do constantly describe Clinton in different terms than they would her male rivals. In interviewing voters for a focus group on the air earlier this year, Fox News Channel consultant Frank Luntz sought to learn what kind of campaign they wanted Obama and Clinton to wage.
"How many of you want them to really argue," Luntz asked. "And, how many of you want them to make love to each other?"
Just try imagining him putting Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in that scenario. Or, consider whether conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh could sneak Joe Biden into this one:
"Mrs. Clinton's testicle lockbox is big enough for the entire Democrat hierarchy," Limbaugh told listeners, "not just some people in the media."
On the other side of the spectrum, MSNBC's Chris Mathews famously said Clinton was a senator and a plausible presidential candidate only because of her humiliation during her husband's presidency.


ThresherK said...


You asked for mass media ideas? Sure:

My first idea is Battered Media Syndrome. (I'm not claiming authorship; surely this originates elsewhere.)

Most represented by CBS, ABC, NBC and PBS/NPR, commercial media grovels for forgiveness from the right for sins they didn't commit, or acts that were not sins. And the more blame they accept, the more they are beaten. They think that if they apologize often and profusely enough, the beating will stop.

The embarrassed-for-your-friend, whole-neighborhood-knows, not-enough-makeup-to-cover-the-bruise situation is when one realizes they will never have that epiphany. They truly believe this is the last time it will happen, and the right wing is happy with them, and things will be better.

Running unchecked, there is no idea batsh!t crazy enough that influential right wingers won't take it up.

That in itself would be no problem, except when one is suffering from Battered Media Syndrome, there is nothing a wingnut can do which will push them off the right end of the mediasphere. They will never get kicked off TV and out of respectable media's bookmarks and Rolodexes.

For example, see Michelle Malkin v. Dunkin Donuts. Who on TV really treated Malkin with the disdain she deserves, and who did the Kent Brockman thing in which every story and every source is equal? And who will make the decision that she is not worth the coverage?

Terrence McCarthy said...

Sounds like an interesting course you're teaching. But it's in the wrong department. This should be a psych course. The media's obsession with the Barack/Hillary conest borders on obsession. It's Lou Dobbsian in its " focus. "

Speaking of borders.

And. I was watching the news at mid-day today ( I know, I need to get a life ) and BLAM! Late breaking news! A LIVE developing story ( There's another kind? ) This just in:

A helicopter crashes on the roof of a hospital in Michigan. As I watched the black smoke rise I thought - they're gonna find some way to tie this to the campaign.

And sure enough, the newswoman says, " We'll keep you updated on this developing story, and more on the campaign. "

Enough already. Arggghhh!