Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A few general principles

Web. vs. Net

The notion of Code -- Clotaire Rapaille.

Short stays, the lack of brand identification, the Code of the Wild West.

The car vs. the bridge. (Hidden elements of Wikipedia and Google)

The Coasean notion of transaction cost. (apply to FB)

Focus-grouping reality on FB.


The tool shapes the user.

Not every tool is right for every job.

Hot vs. cool environments, using Obama's candidacy and the notion of "not a finished product."
Also, two years later, the Tea Party as cool.

Second orality and Walter Ong.
(By lowering the Coasean cost, does the internet make us more oral?)

(Keep in mind that most of these criticisms echo back to, for example, what Plato said about writing. And what scribes said about printing. And so on.)


The history of information, searchability, the 17th century, the impenetrability of the book.

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