Saturday, December 05, 2009

The new electric structuring

Jess found this clip (although I think the embed was disabled, so you have to click through). Watch it. Whoever is directing the camera work has read MM and has a sense of humor. Because they are almost over-making his point, trying to see if they can overwhelm his content by overemphasizing the medium. And he's trying not to have a point, because or a fixed physical position, of course, he has already doped out the situation.

The thing is, MM himself was embodying an artifact verging on extinction. The celebrity-intellectual. They made a joke about him on Laugh-In. And look at how abstruse his work is. There is no modern counterpart, is there?

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Matt Dwyer said...

Stephen Hawking? Randy Pausch (The Last Lecture guy)? But maybe these are bad examples, because they were partly famous because they were diagnosed with terminal illnesses.

I also know of a certain talk show host in Hartford, who also teaches college classes...