Monday, December 14, 2009

Not related to class?

Greg, of course it is. The medium is the message.

So is Lisa's "overaching" and lovely invocation of the heart of the transistor radio.

"Why is it all so small" is a very MM question.

Dan says each new tech revolution pushes us farther from our hearts and souls. Greg's old clacking railroad board probably spoke a little more to his soul.

It is technology which further helps to distract us, pushing us farther from the
center. The more people share about themselves on Internet reveals to me the
less they truly know about themselves. Most of what people say on the Internet
is vague, inflated. The Internet takes us away instead of bringing us closer to
ourselves. But I also admit that I dislike technology because at my inner core I
am scared; scared at what I have found and what I will find in the future;
scared to be judged by others, scared that who I am and what I think will be
deemed unworthy, less important. It may seem paradoxical coming from a person
who preaches hatred for the masses and seems to claim superiority to most, who
states with confidence that people are stupid, that I would desire their opinion
and acceptance so much. And at the level of my mind, I don’t. But at the inner
core, where all the masks are stripped away and my individual human nature is
vulnerable, I desire what I feel most people who look inwardly at themselves
would desire, and that is inclusiveness and acceptance from our fellow human

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