Sunday, October 15, 2006

Real Liife

Steph is getting pissed off at video blogs. She wants something a little more nonfiction. Aldon? Anybody?


Aldon Hynes said...

Hmm, real life video blogs. Let me toss out a few different options.

Michele puts up lots of videos about candidates she likes. In particular, John Edwards, Deval Patrick and Ned Lamont.

I post videos on YouTube and I use YouTube for more of my political video blogging, since they have a much wider viewership, but I like to use Blip.TV for my more family and experimental work since they are a better platform to work with.

One of the video bloggers who is really well respected is Steve Garfield. I've been on a few panels with him. He's done some political work, and a lot of good intro to videoblogging work.

For poking fun at Real Liife, I recommend Hope is Emo. It is done by the folks that do Ask a Ninja, and inspired my post, Like Joe is so Emo. (If you can't get it there, the copy on my personal blog should come up okay.)

Then, there is the famous LonelyGirl story. You can read my take on LonelyGirl, and how it relates to the political media landscape on my personal blog.

I hope this helps, and that I haven't spent too much time pimping my own work.

Chris A said...

To the pimp:

Thank you. Be the internet whore you are and educate us all about your discoveries. An electronic signpost, if you will. And if I hadn't already, I thank you for visiting our class. It was great to hear what you had to say.