Friday, October 13, 2006

Videos Continued

How are you doing with the videos? We picked an interesting week, the week YouTube was bought by Google. Google, of course, had its own video site, but I heard one analyst speculate that the problem was that Google users see the code of Google as being a tool, not a community. (Think of the spare, open, sterile home page.) People don't "hang out" in google.

Meanwhile, check the recommendations Aldon made in the previous comment thread. One of them, bliptv, guides you to some sites I like. I hadn't seen this one in about a year. It's pretty addictive. But what is it?


Kevin M. Keating said...

I wonder about just how much of a failure Google Video actually is. Why, for example, did they just announce this partnership, right after their acquisition of YouTube? Why not just put these videos on YouTube?

What do they know about the YT copyright-infrigement issues looming in the mist that we aren't seeing?

And what about this threat from MySpace?

Closing with a suggestion:

Check out for an "experimental use of video on the web" and watch a couple vids from YouTube,, and GoogleVideo all in one cool Flash-y interface.

ericdbernasek said...

At the risk of sounding like some pop-culture geek purist, which I quite frankly am, if you follow the link to "chasing windmills" don't waste any time on the new stuff... start at the beginning and revel in its glorious discomfiture. At some point it just started getting too produced. Too scripted. Nothing is quite as good as gentle falls or light sleeper. Man, I like their early stuff, y'know?