Saturday, October 14, 2006

Think About This, Please

Just a quick thought after watching blogger Andrew Sullivan at the Ct Forum last night...Think about the fact that blogging is unique in its current ability to choose narrative medium. Written, audio, video, some manticore-ish fusion of all three. In its early stages it was text. Now it doesn't have to be. But what can text do that video can't? What's behind all the choices?????


Chris A said...

Did you catch Andrew Sullivan on THE COLBERT REPORT on Comedy Central? Amusing interview. I'm sure you can find it on GooTube.

dsterner said...

Politicians will probably be drawn to video blogging because presenting themselves on television through talk-show appearances, televised sppeches and debates and campaign ads is (must become)second nature to them. And they have to be aware of sites like YouTube because their embarassing fluffs get spread around there.

Chris A said...

It's similar to performance art, in which, unlike straight acting or dance, the artist employs any medium she can get her hands on to get her message across: movement, text, music, voice, video, all sorts of multimedia.