Sunday, December 03, 2006

Blogger Still Broken.

Can't believe I have to handcode.

OK, This article from the WSJ gives you some sense of the problem facing something like MySpace. Scale. Scale. Scale. And spam and inauthenticity.

This article may be even more paranoid than Jason Scott. I'm just tossing it in here for the hell of it.

This sort of gives you a sample of how much information you can move on one MySpace page. (I'm just waiting for the "I never meant this to beused in a class!" wail.

But it's not all young people getting personal, huh? WARNING, the scary song does not go away right away. And also, this is just kind of scary in general.


scottahb said...

wait, you don't have to handcode?

dammit, i've been handcoding all semester long...stupid blogger and their mac dashboard...

Chris A said...

Since when is 36 not young??

Chris A said...

Wicked scary.