Saturday, December 02, 2006

This Week

I hope it is needless for me to say that this week, as we study MySpace and other social networking sites, you really have to put your toe into at least one, especially if you have never joined one before. I joined Eons, which is proving to be kind of boring. But look at them all. And then REALLY look at at least one.

There's starting to be a fair amount of scholarship about all this.
This guy focuses on Facebook.

I would give you more, but blogger is sort of broken at the moment and I am having to hand code in the links.


A Little World Literature said...

I'm glad you mentioned blogger being broken. I thought I was losing it since I've been blogging on my class site and I couldn't find the tool bar. It's amazing how quickly I've come to depend on my blogs, especially for my class, and how helpless I felt when I couldn't use them the way I'd like. There is an addictive component to blogs - even my wife has commented on how I now blog in the morning on weekends instead of reading the newspaper or watching TV. I think it is the ability to both access information and then immediately communicate it that has captured me. In the case of my class, I know it will be read. In the case of my personal blog it's like getting relief, being able to document a thought, save an idea for later, or throw it into cyberspace and hope someone reads it and responds.

Jill said...

you know...

LiveJournal has never crashed this whole semester, and it seems like there have been a few times that Blogger has been down for several days.

Just thought I'd put that out there.

lednik said...

I agree with Jim. I've been like a heroin addict going through withdrawl this week. My computer will only show old blog entries, though I can get to new ones if I use the calendars within the blog, in case anyone else is having the same problem.