Saturday, December 09, 2006

Jeez, Is He EVER Gonna Post About the Last Class???

Finally, yes. One question that has been nagging me a bit is this: Are blogs an exciting new medium now the way they were scant years ago? The answer is yes only if people are finding new ways to work with them. Take a look at these, which represent, in most cases, attempts to tweak the way a blog works.

Also coming to the last class will be Steve Wolfberg and Tom Bradley from Cronin to talk about the imact of all this new media on the advertising world and about what works and what doesn't.


slothsinabox said...

Haha. I better not tell the Cronin guy I'm from Fathom and I will be a loyal proselyte of all things Fathom 'til death. :-D

Anonymous said...

It's OK - I actually like Fathom's stuff.
Tom the Cronin guy