Monday, October 05, 2009

A discussion you didn't know you were having

Dan doubts that it's advancing or transforming communication. Anyone want to argue?
Matt D. doubts it's transforming journalism.
John says FB sometimes breaks stories ahead of the journalists.

We need to talk about the criticisms, especially the terms of service criticism

I found this amazing page on FB privacy-- scroll all the way down and see some of the encyclopedic content.
Matt D. did a privacy survey
M. Fitz thinks the hacking and messing-with is the decline and fall.
Kasey thinks the very notion of privacy might be changing.
Tina on the Obama threat.

Matt D. thinks it's a mall.
MFitz can walk us through fan pages.

Life and death and the personal and the private.
A divorce is personal. Does a FB divorce cheapen life?
Relationship status, anyone?
A lot of you are pondering FB and death: Tina here.
This from CA is the kind of definition thing I was looking for. Part 1 has some good stuff too.
Lisa is also asking: what is it?
So is Jessica. (Remind me to say that the WAY Jessica got on FB is significant.)
I do want to talk about what a friend is. Tina on that.
I had my own experience with that, which was widely covered.

remind myself to show Dillon and Tripp and Rizzo and my new friend Michael.

remind myself to talk about the changing nature of transit through life -- re Wendy and the widening of the opinion circle.

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