Saturday, October 03, 2009


How does information travel? Alyssa wonders if it travels too fast and with too little control on FB, at least in certain circumstances. I think it's a great question. The new media has certai nrules on how to handle stuff like that. (In fact, think back to last week and ask yourself how the Enfield hostage crisis might have played out if the husband had been more of an FB guy.)

Kasey points out that lawyers are being trained to use Facebook.
Tina thinks Boomers are killing the platform. But that means there's a right and wrong way to use it.

And Jessica -- great post right here! -- is reading the rules and asking some interesting questions about who can get what from Facebook. (I'll ask one of my privacy guys if he has any input one this.) Kevin is following the money too. The more I look at these questions, the more I think that Facebook must be sitting on an insanely valuable galaxy of information, right?

A lot of the business analyses I've seen are somewhat out of date. This guy tries to keep up and links out to some cool stuff, so I've included his Facebook tab. Check the first comment on this post. The comment comes from a guy who blogs about social media for realtors. It's interesting, because the mass media remains much more interested in Twitter than in Facebook, but the people who are dipply into it seem to get that Facebook is expanding much faster.

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