Sunday, October 12, 2008

The often overlooked Cindy McCain

The toughest person to discuss -- in this framework -- is Cindy McCain. I don't think the mass media quite know what to say about her. You can go from here to an interesting New York Times piece about her that does attempt to "frame her narrative." And we are told that her husband is not always nice to her. But what role does she REALLY play in the gender disputes that have characterized this campaign? And what happens when, as Gail Collins notes, she tries to change her profile?
I miss the old Cindy McCain. The one who used to go to rallies and sit
huddled in the corner looking as if she thought the audience had a communicable
disease. Now, she’s right up there on stage, standing behind her husband and
making disgusted faces when he rails on about the opposition. And she’s started
railing herself. (The family that rants together ...) Obama is waging “the
dirtiest campaign in American history.” His votes on Iraq were votes “not to
fund my son when he was serving.”
Remember when the McCains wouldn’t talk
about the fact that their son was in Iraq? Oh well.
Maybe Cindy is trying to
hold her own against Sarah, who is with John almost as much as she is. I miss
the old guy-guy McCain who had so many male pals around he looked like a walking
fraternity reunion. Now, he’s starting to resemble an ambulatory patient
accompanied by female attendants on an outing.
Palin has been pressing the
line that people don’t really know “the real Barack Obama,” and who could make
the argument better than a woman who we’ve already known for almost six weeks?
Really, she’s like one of the family.
We’ve gotten so close we’ve already
learned that she didn’t actually sell the plane on eBay, didn’t actually visit
the troops in Iraq and didn’t really have a talk with the British ambassador. As
soon as we get the Trooper thing and Alaska Independence Party thing and the tax
thing figured out, she’ll be an open book.

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