Monday, September 25, 2006

Everybody Blogs

From the New London Day

Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley, the leader of the Boston Archdiocese, has found an effective and direct way to communicate with Catholics while on a 10-day religious trip to Rome. He's going to carry on an active blog, which a staff member will post on a Web site along with photographs of the trip. While carrying on an ancient tradition, he will be putting modern dress on the occasion through the Internet.
Newly made a cardinal, Cardinal O'Malley is traveling to Rome to formally take charge of his titular church there, Santa Maria della Vittoria.
Catholic officials in Boston say they believe Cardinal O'Malley may be the first Catholic cardinal to communicate via a blog. The cardinal maintains a very active e-mail correspondence in the work of the diocese, his aides said. So this innovation was a natural step forward.
Estimates are that there are some 12 million bloggers in the United States and that about 57 million people read the blogs

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slothsinabox said...

Wow. From burning books to building blogs.

Go on surprising me, Catholics, go on.