Sunday, September 24, 2006

Let's make a new friend!!!!

A class experiment. I discovered a blog while following up an idea I got from Brenda Starr's blog. This is obviously the work of an intelligent person, and she has already posted today. So here's the experiment. A few of you should think of some excuse to link to it from your blogs. Don't go there from this blog (in fact, that's why I'm NOT creating a link from here), or the game will be up pretty quickly. Instead, grab the url from here and work with it on your own. See if the blogger notices that you've linked and contacts you. You might even look in this blog to see if you can extract a meme. Maybe I'll do that too in my Courant blog.

Here it is:

Here is an example of what I want you to do. The juxtapositions link is our new friend. You do something similar. Take something she's written that interests you and link to it. Or push "It’s about things that happen, things that have nothing else in common other than they happened to you." as a meme.

1 comment:

Mattyd said...

Thanks for the invite, Colin.

Though originally obligated, I have been given my freedom for the evening. Not sure how much I can contribute, but I'd love to re-live a night of blogging class.

I assume that Brett is the partner in crime?

Oh, time and place?