Monday, September 11, 2006

Totally Useless Syllabus

9/18 -- Proto Bloggers. Why DO people blog?
9/25 -- Meme theory, Clotaire Rapaille. Blogging as a way of moving information, especiallly political information -- as broadly construed. Kos, et alia.
10/2 -- The Lieberman and Lamont campaign. Wow.
10/9 -- YouTube and other Vlogs.
10/16 -- Wikipedia and other Wikis
10/23 -- Teilhard de Chardin and blogging as collective intelligence. Poolings of information. Metafilter. Plastic. BoingBoing, Engadget. MySpace and communities of blogs. (This may have to be a whole separate class session.)
10/30 -- Writing and rhetoric in blogs. Blogs as literature. Some exploration of speciality blogs, especially sports and religion. Humor! Three Bulls!
11/6 -- A second glance at blogs as poltiical engines on the eve of the election.
11/13 -- We will get as many players in the Lieberman-Lamont blog story as possible in the classroom for a post-mortem.

That's as far as I'm going right now. I can guarantee that we will have to return to the idea of ollective intelligence before the end. It will all change anyway. Also, tell me what YOU want to delve into.

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What do blogs have to do with the Lamont and Lieberman campaign?