Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The LL Story Continues, Part 2

There was, in Connecticut, a rather spirited group of of progressive bloggers who already had it in for Lieberman. This guy had been blogging for at least a year already. This one started in February and quickly became an indispensable clearing house of info. The guy was recently hired by the Lamont campaign. This guy got going a couple of months later. By the time of the state convention, he had emerged as kind of a celebrity and was one of the bloggers leading the way with the use of video. Spazeboy also became a minor celebrity. He has already committed to vist us for our first class after the election. My Left Nutmeg became the DailyKos of Connecticut, where people could post diaries and cross-post from their own blogs. Please visit all these sites. Jump around a little in time. Don't stay on the page I linked to. See how the story changed. And feel free to leave comments for the bloggers. Ask them questions!!! They (probably) won't bite you.


Coffey0072 said...

I've been reading some of the postings here Colin as well as from some of your students.

I believe this particular audience think they have me figured out.
One student feels as if I'm being "disengenous" and opined that I "self chastised" in hopes of being "stroked on the head" by my readers.
Another titled his entry "Has Coffee gone cold?", but not before noticing that I made a damn grammatical error. Someone even commented that I was "Narcissistic" simply because I choose to blog.
Look people. Take out your red markers and pick apart as much as you all would like. Despite what you read, like, or dislike about my "writing voice" or my blog, I write for ME.
In the grand scheme of things, EVERYONE wants to be acknowledged for some talent or task they've taken on. You get a new haircut, you play in a band, you write a book, you take a BLOG course in hopes of being the next "breakout blog-class star" that Brett has become... EVERYONE wants to be acknowledged for whatever it is they do. Myself included.
I appreciate and am flattered that my blog readership has increased and I like reading the comments... good, bad, and skeptical... that I get. But understand that while I do like that people read my blog, I don't WRITE FOR the people nor do I don't write for Colin's blog students.
I've been extremely preoccupied in my life; I've had to grapple with a devastating loss in my immediate family, am coming to terms with being a hop, skip, and a jump away being thirty and still single, and am dealing with undue stress at work. I'm slipping with this business called blog.
I got a lot of emails from readers (old and new) scolding me for not blogging as regularly as they wanted me to.
Upon going through my archives, I saw the last couple of months consisted of YouTube videos or what have you... and felt that to be unacceptable to ME.
I've wrestled with signing-off as a blogger and WILL soon, leaving the archives... or perhaps dismantling it completely.

You all, everyone else, know what I CHOOSE to make you all privy to. If I want to write about being moody and intropspective in one entry and then make a list about mundane things I enjoy or want to have in the next... then I WILL. That does not make me flaky. It means that my mood is different.

One thing that pisses me off, however, is to be labeled by strangers as being fake or desperate for approval, by a bunch of media/blog/writing students who over-analyze blogs, and who don't know me.

That's it.

Coffey0072 said...

P.S. I guess my overall point is that my thoughts are all over the place... because so much is going/has gone/NOT going on in my life this past and current year. And yes, I feel compelled to blog about some of it. And NO I don't expect people to stroke my ego, NO I don't consider myself... How'd you put it Slothinabox? Oh yes... "Her High Blogress" or whatever it was you said, and NO I don't expect everyone to like and say ONLY GOOD things about my blog.

Okay, this is truly it.

slothsinabox said...
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