Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tuesday Morning Quarterback

The thing I forgot to tell you last night about your blogs is to experiment and have fun. comment on other blogs. Link to things. See what happens. Meanwhile, we do need a theoretical framework to put around blogs, so begin by reading this fairly complete Wikipedia entry on memes. Aslo, here's somebody who tried -- perhaps a little too bluntly -- to artificially engineer memes.


Mattyd said...

Hey Colin and company,

Not that I want to become this year's version of Bora (ask Colin to explain the reference), but I'm trapped in a comparative literature class, dreaming of the days when I was reading and dissecting blogs with Colin. I envy all of you for the experience that you are beginning.

And I've been blogging ever since class ended and have managed to build up a very good sized audience while continuing my examination and study of the blogosphere.

This link:


offers some outstanding resources on memes and takes a research-based approach to the subject.

Hope you don't mind me sharing from time to time, just to get my fix, particularly after a painful comparative lit class...

Mattyd said...

Okay, so the link didn't fully post (it's longer than the damn comment box) and I can't hyperlink in this comment box.

No HTML experience.

Here it is again, broken in two parts. Put it together and paste or look at my blog. I'll post it there too.


I feel like a stalker already.