Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And so it begins ...

Way back in the late winter, national blogs decided to get involved in the Lamont campaign. MyDD was one of them. You can see how MyDD's interest and style of coverage evolved over time. (Don't limit yourself to what I link to. Use tags like CT-Sen to browse around. There's even a piece about viral marketing.) Eventually MyDD blogger Matt Stoller showed up in Connecticut to cover the race.

In the state there were many, many indigenous blogs, most of them liberal, many of them virulently anti-Lieberman. Pro-Lieberman stuff showed up on a handful of conservative blogs and, perhaps most significantly, this attempt to run a bipartiasan, even-handed blog.

I need to do a little more reading myself on this this week, but my sense is that national conservative blogs were slow to match support for Lieberman with what Lamont was getting from the other side.

You might also read the Time magazine piece, referred to in class this week, on the whole concept of "netroots." There will be MORE TO COME in the days ahead, so keep stopping by.

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joeydee said...

The Viral Marketing blog states, "we have been subjected to endless paeans of Joe Lieberman and ominous prophecies of the end of the world, or at least of the Democratic Party, should any Democrat dare vote against him. Throw in Lieberman's thousands of paid volunteers, etc..." The question is, do you have to work for a "independant Democrat" to become a "paid volunteer"?