Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fim and figor

This site -- very Twitter-friendly -- is worth exploring. The Media-tagged tuff is right up our alley.

But so is the overall idea of everytihng being short and punchy and hip.

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So, your checking out Twitter. I'm there as @ahynes1. I also do a lot with other microblogging services such as Plurk, Rejaw,, utterli, the list seems endless. I even set up my own one as using, an open source microblogging system.

In terms of how this relates to politics, there are a bunch of different things to check. CTNewsJunkie is twittering. The CT House Republicans are twittering, and many of the bloggers credentialed for the Democratic Convention in Denver Twittered.

You can look at a bunch of their content aggregated together into a Friend Feed room.