Monday, November 17, 2008

The ick factor

The tabloids never have to ask themselves what they're gonna do in order to prosper in a new era, because they ALWAYS do the same stuff. Rich noticed the latest target. I saw it last week and read the story. Even though they got John Edwards right, this one looked like it could easily blow up. Also, during the Edwards flap, there were several weeks where critics and callers and commenters on the right complained bitterly that Edwards was getting protection from the MSM. The complain always began, "If this were happening to a Republican.."
Well, now it is.

UPDATE: As we discovered last week, Palin reaches down into a very evil place inside Courtney. So she feasted on these icky pictures. But it does seem like a Darwinian process, cutting a week member of the (caribou) herd out and killing her.

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