Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I hear America Twittering

OK, you must start by reading this.

And then read this.

One way to think about Twitter. Substitute Obama for the Pope in the example there, you know?

And note this description of Maddow.

Maddow seems to have genuinely charmed younger viewers, a Twitter-savvy, podcasting generation that has hankered for someone more like them and delights in her use of "duh," her obvious intelligence and authenticity, and her ability to be both idealistic and skeptical about politics. She eschews vanity and insists she won't stop dressing "like a 13-year-old boy" when she can.


Caroline Blogs said...

I'm on Twitter but I don't know anyone else! Does anyone have a Twitter account so I can see how this "following" thing works?

My Twitter name is Carolinemooney.

joeydee said...

I signed onto Twitter just to check it out. My name is Joeydee. (Duh.)