Sunday, November 16, 2008

Is the hate story being covered?

One question I have concerns the way the press is handled the question of negative reaction to the election of Barack Obama. Here Jack Shafer takes the press to task for inflating the importance ot the gun sales story.
UPDATE: Rich flagged this story early on. I tthink it sort of demonstrates the push and pull facing Fox: go a little more mainstream and emphasize its role in documenting the new era from slightly conservative perspective? Or play toward fear and opposition?

But I actually think the media may be erring in the other direction -- underplaying the scary people.
If you look around, there are stories like this backlash roundup in the Indianapolis Star.
Here's the AP version of the story about hate bubbling up.
In general, though, the press seems a little shy about the story -- notwithstanding Shafer.
I'm not sure how I would prove this.
UPDATE: Kasey seems to be wondering the same thing. So we need to talk about whether there's a reluctance and, if so, where it comes from.

UPDATE: Check out Lauren's post on the priest who won't give communion.
UPDATE: And Sarai caught the NPR story on racist reactions abroad.

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