Monday, December 01, 2008

Antonioli and Ambinder in Spat; More AO staff changes

Uber-blogger Marc Ambinder has reportedly asked for an unspecified-length leave of absence after one of many dust-ups with abrasive new publisher Courtney Antonioli.
"I have nothing but respect for Marc, and my guess is that he'll be back in the office on Tuesday," said Antonioli. "My only point to him is the point I'm makingall over the building: don't reinvent the wheel and then tell me it's a jetpack."
"She spat in my coffee. She's a crazy person," Ambinder said.
At issue was Ambinder's post sizing up the 2012 field.
"I'm asking all my people to think less conventionally. 2008 broke all the old rules. How will 2012 break the 2008 rules?" Antonioli said.

In a series of related moves, Antonioli announced that Caroline Mooney will become special national correspondent assigned to over the Jindal campaign "starting yesterday."
Kevin Simpson has been added to the Atlantic culture desk with the special responsibility of watching how political campaigns interact with the entertainment world. Brent Rydin will write a new "digital life" column about the next wave of campaign communication styles.
Veteran newsman Ernie Mintel will also write and edit a series of features.
"I don't want to lose sight of what makes the Atlantic the Atlantic. I see Ernie's work as providing context and history," said Antonioli.

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