Monday, December 01, 2008

D&D Consultants Ink Jindal Pact

Mary Dain and Joe Durette have signed on to work with possible 2012 candidate Bobby Jindal on issues of new communication strategies and strength and conditioning.

"One thing we saw, with Obama, was the way people, at a certain point, took ownership of the campaign, made their own videos, became a sort of parallel-track media covering the event the way THEY wanted it covered," said Dain. "We think we can do that for Bobby."

At the same time, Dain and Durette, who have an unusual sports-based approach to consulting, will try to increase Jindal's muscle mass. "This is mostly going to be increased anaerobic training with free weights," Durette explained. "He's a stringy little dude. But he inspires me. I could amost feel good about being a Republican again."

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