Monday, December 08, 2008

Linky link link

This might seem pretty basic, but one thing I've noticed about the mainsheet part of the Atlantic site is that it doesn't use links much at all. The bloggers do. But this story could, at minimum, link out to imdb every time it mentions a movie. It could do much much more than that -- even using the enormously helpful metacritic to show critical reaction to each Carrey movie -- but it doesn't. My thinking on this right now is that print has to train its writers to write for the digital site ....and then now it will also show up in print. Not the other way around, which unfortunately is the way it is almost everywhere right now. The writer has to think of his or her work as something that will reach out into the 'net. And hold its own in a dead tree format.

On the other hand, one thing that helps the Atlantic is the way its bloggers are kind of a red light district on the site, a place where maybe you can take a shot at a kind of story an Old Media institution would blanch at.

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