Monday, December 01, 2008

L&D enlist SoHo firm

Political consulting firm Levenstein (sorry) and DeCrescenzo has announced a contractual partnership with Mercer Street Associates, an NYC-based shop of futurists and cool-hunters led by senior partner Amanda Craig.
Craig was evasive about whether Mercer would be working on Jindal 2012, but she did offer,"We've seen the end of the days when politicians kind of stumbled into places like SNL and the Colbert Report. In 2010, that kind of thing will be right up front as part of the planning, as will product placement in video games."

Craig said MSA would offer the services of the following partners
-- Sarai Druan, who specializes in outreach to environmental groups. Craig says there is no reason the Demcorats have to own that issue in 2012.
-- Mel Cavanaugh, who specalized in grassroots sensibilities. "For Obama, there was kind of a tipping point, where the grass roots passions burned so hot that you couldn't fight the fire from the other side," said Craig. "Mel is going to see whether the same kind of organizing can work for Jindal. I mean, IF we do any work for Jindal. Can that be off the record? The last thing I said?"
-- Julia Budnick, who specializes in pop culture, with an emphasis on reaching out to the youngest voters. A source at MSA said that Jindal and his handlers wonder if he can be "cool."

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