Monday, December 08, 2008

So much cool stuff!!!!!

Make sure you see Mike's chat with the sometimes-scary Jason Scott.

And Rich's GOP strategy round-up.

And I think Mary nicely opens up the question of what social networking will be in 2010-2012. Not exactly what it was in 2008.
Actually, if you look at the thing Rich links to, it is pretty comprehensive on that subject.

Mary also hearts Julia's idea
about commencement speeches.

Joe has a memo to Team Jindal. I wish he'd stop calling him BJ!!!

Julia points out that I didn't really listen to her very carefully last week.


joeydee said...

I would comment but I don't want Jason Scott to hunt me down again.

Jason Scott said...

Oh come now. I am a pussycat.

I don't know what people think will happen when they continually poke the nest of someone who believes in what they say.

Mike said...

I like Jason Scott.