Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Even though you are working in teams, you should not hesitate to post stuff on your own -- about all kinds of subjects. Especially those of you who need to do a lots of posts just to close out the term.

I, for one, would be interested in your thoughts on the elevation of David Gregory to host of MTP. It seems to me a triumph of Oldthink at a time when NBC desperately needs to prove it can go the other way. They got slapped in the Times and elsewhere over the last few days over the Gen. Barry McCaffrey issue. And Gregory seems like a guy who kind of doesn't understand any roles besides Network and Washington Press Corps Loyalist. He sure ain't no Rachel Maddow, who knows how to be of the scene and yet achieve some distance from it too.

It has implications for the Atlantic Online. How DO you do TV without seeming amateurish or, on the other end, complacent? TPMtv? Is that a good model?

For Jindal, maybe the only thing it means is that the media end of the game won't change that much in the next four years -- or, more accurately, it WILL change and the media will be the last to know.

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