Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Good morning!

I woke up thinking of your shiny, happy faces.

Here is what I think about Jindal. His campaign definitely needs to generate some videos of him that are not slick but entertaining and inspiring. He needs some vlogger types following him around the country, catching him saying something inspirational to a group of college students, something substantive to a bunch of people put recently out of work, something important at an auto plant. You gotta get these videos not only onto YouTube channels but over to influential blogs and up onto social networking sites (but not now ... maybe in late 2009.) The videos have to look cool -- in a slightly raw fashion -- and have to include montages of Bobby doing and saying stuff, set to edgy, inspirational music (for which the rights and artist cooperation have been properly secured!). Find a really cool alt-Christian group like eastmountainsouth. Even their trip-hop version of "Hard Times" would be great in a montage of Bobby talking to people affected by the recession. The idea is to try to get something like this to go viral, so you have young people circulating it.

On Atlantic, I have two related thoughts. One of them is that the front page of the Atlantic doesn't change much all day and all night, and people expect a kind of reshuffling, as things become more and less important and current. The other is that the Voices bloggers are all great navigators and cullers, but they don't really report much new information. Fresh reported information is probably one of the more precious commodities right now in the Attention Economy. That's why I think we were right to keep coming back to some kind of model that gives the Atlantic more boots on the ground, some kind of intelligent workforce of journalists (cjs?) that feeds fresh information to the site.

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