Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Biden His Time

Kevin says Biden was missing, but I'm starting to think low Biden coverage HELPS Obama.

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Brent said...

Lauren took a good approach to this too, talking about how Biden has gotten more coverage in local media. I responded to her that I think this is probably good for Biden, the whole local news thing. With all of his gaffes, I don't think he's altogether cut out for mass media, although, going back to our question of whether a good candidate makes a good leader, I don't think this means he isn't cut out for the VP spot. He just isn't an easy sell on the grand scale but I think that if he gets good local press and good recognition in small circles, this could be better for him than having one image of him all around the country because clearly, the country-wide images of him haven't been altogether helpful. I hope that link worked.