Monday, September 15, 2008

So he has never met Clippy?

Caroline flagged this story about McCain and his use of computers and email. Some of the subsequent coverage looked at how McCain had explained that in the past. It seeems like a complicated question. McCain's war wounds probably inhibit his movements, but, as some writers to Goldberg noted, Stephen Hawking can use a computer.

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mick said...

Yeah, right. Everything ultimately comes around to McCain being a "war hero". I suppose his marital infidelity, as pointed to by Reverend Kirbyjon who presided at Jenna Bush's wedding, can also be blamed on that too?

I'm older than Colin and I can use a computer. McCain is just TOO OLD. Also, using a computer and email is secretarial work, AKA "women's work". He's too manly to try to figure that stuff out. Perhaps "Mr. 890 of 895" isn't smart enough either.