Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I've never seen this argument made before -- that Drudge plays a gigantic role in driving the agenda of cable coverage. What do you think about that? (I DO think that cable is more likely to get into the "silly" or peripheral stuff -- Carly, the Blackberry, Streisand being some of yesterday's fodder.)


Harry said...

Apparently its not only cable news that's plugged into Drudge, as I found this recent exchange between NYT & McCain on

NY Times: What websites if any do you look at regularly?

McCain: Brooke and Mark show me Drudge, obviously, everybody watches, for better or for worse, Drudge. Sometimes I look at Politico. Sometimes RealPolitics, sometimes.

joeydee said...

Even if McCain did invent the Blackberry the Republicans are still behind because Al Gore already invented the Internet.