Monday, September 15, 2008

Shooting Wolves in a Barrel and other memes

So Rich and Sarai don't like it when people shoot wolves from planes, but I also wonder if we are stumbling or bumping into one of those "competing visions of the West" mentioned here. The notion of The West may be an important one in this campaign.

Kevin has a couple of interesting things to watch.
Keep an eye on the things NOT covered, especially in this instance third and fourth party voices. Where did all these people go, and is it a mistake for the media to skip over them?
Also, let's watch the media war over the notion of change. But let's REALLY watch it. Who gets to decide, ultimately, which candidate commands that meme?

Ernie has just achieved lift-off. Let's put him in charge of tracking this whole question -- when did it become Obama vs. Palin? How can Obama get himself off that track?

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