Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Richard Cohen blows a gasket

A little more of what we talked about last night -- the story of the press turning on McCain and using the word "lie."

UPDATE: I thought about this some more -- and read Chey's post --and it seems to me that there's some layering going on. Interesting how Cohen takes what happened on The View -- which is not journalism -- and embraces it, without ever really having to take responsibility for getting the ball rolling, you know. I mean, Joy Behar is a stand-up comedian, more or lress, but she got in and got tougvher with McCain about the fact than many actual journalists dare to. It reminds me a little of the way Bob Costa surprised President Bush with a tough grilling in Beijing. And it also reminds me of the way mainstream journalists like to find a "softer" source to start the dirty work -- whether it's outing a politicians's extra-marital affair or calling somebody a liar.

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