Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wikipedia seems to get out in front of the news on a lot of stories. They knew about Palin pretty much first, and they broke this story, and when Rumsfeld resigned, I got a great tip from a source close to the Pentagon, but Wikipedia already had it.

But the more controversial aspect revolves around the constant editing and gaming of Wikipedia entries. Palin's, in particular, became kind of a cause wikipedienne.

But hers was not the only one. And I would argue that there's sort of an early period where wolves circle the campfire of any crticial entry.


Obama Mama said...

Wiki's sure have alot of time of their hands to be able to compare entries within 24 hours!! Wikipedia reminds me of a high school cafeteria, a table of nerds, jocks and mean girls! You can quite decipher the fact from gossip and hearsay sometimes...unless you're from that nerdy table!

Mike Raciti said...

I think Wikipedia is great. They have become very careful about what they let on and what they don't. If you try editing a page on Wikipedia or adding something bogus, it gets taken down within a day, and if you try it more than once, they will send you messages. They have done well to keep information up to date and accurate. Try posting something bogus.