Monday, September 21, 2009

Bowden Barks

So ... Mark Bowden.
If he were here tonight, what questions would you ask him?
What questions would you ask Richmond and Sexton?
Did you notice anything interesting about the WAY this article appeared?

Alhough he doesn't specifically reference the Atlantic article, Dan has a lot to say about what he imagines to be the mind of a blogger and a blog reader.

Here's Lisa on "what you have to worry about," but her post makes me think: who really dropped the ball here? I think Courtney C. wonders the same thing.

For Courtney A. it was the moment-to-moment nature of news (also mentioned in Pew) and the the question: what does journalism even mean? Is it sometimes little more than gossip?

Jessica, as we said, drew a lot of cross-parallels. In many ways, she sees Bowden's piece as documenting the new signfiicance of "every man" -- a rise caused by this.

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