Monday, September 28, 2009

You Guys

I've been trying to rememeber where it was that I had seen a real detailed rendering of a sample of the plagiarism problem. Matt reminded me.

Which is why -- thank you Courtney A. -- SPJ said it was theft.

Sheila doesn't like the online Courant.
Contained in Lisa's critique on the same themes is my suspicion that one of the things a newspaper -- or almost any news institution is selling is discernment about what is and isn't worth bothering with.

Jessica makes some interesting points on the Auriemma story.
Courtney A. seems sympathetic toward AA.
but it seems to me that we keep stumbling back toward the question: WHAT IS A JOURNALIST?

Matt explains the journalism notion of leaving a story in place.

Matt also gives you a radio reporter's view of the plagiarism story.

Dan almost never blogs about the assignment, but he always has interesting things to say -- this time about aggregation, Wikipedia and the whole concept of selling something of value (which may not be the future model for newspapers anyway).

I may eventually assign the podcast of this show on hyperlocal news referenced by Lisa. I thought Bass's comment on comments were the most interest part of his remarks (but Paul and I are old friends so I've heard al ot of his spiel before).

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