Saturday, September 26, 2009

One last thing I need ya to do

Pick anything that interests you on the Courant web site and (try to) leave a comment on it.


Jessica said...

What a headline! From the title "UConn Gives Millions To Its Foundation: Critic Questions Payments Amid Cutbacks, Fee Hikes," one would expect a breaking scandal. Instead, this front page article reveals only that the University does what most other public universities do...and earns an impressive return on its investment. The Courant has taken a standard practice (which is neither illegal nor clandestine) and made it sound like news. Bravo!

When I went to post this comment per instruction, I was surprised by the information requested and the terms of service; while I’m sure many people hand over the information and just “Agree,” I was not comfortable with it, especially when I read the portions about the “Use of Information by” and “Governing Law” sections of the privacy policy and terms of service.

I am not na├»ve enough to think that my information is not collected and used to target advertising to me (just look at my Gmail account!), but the beauty of physical newspapers is that I can avoid giving such information; to write a letter, all I need to include is an address and daytime phone number—not my birthday (which I am hesitant to give out after learning how it can be used to steal your identity) or my email (which would fill up with spam pretty quickly, given I can only check it when I am at a not at work—which is never).

Anyway, I will not be posting any comment under these terms; I have enough stress in my life.

Printer's Devil said...

Jessica, this is just perfect.
I really want you to talk in class about this, about your reaction to the terms of commenting.