Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some readings for this week

Remembere: Your first jobis to look at the Courant itself. Look at the website. How well does it work for you, especially compared to anything comparable that you might be using? Be specific in your criticism or praise.

Then: read this. It describes one of several controversies lately in which the paper has been criticized.

One of the biggest messes to splash up on the Courant was the plagiarism fiasco. It has been covered in many places, ranging from (again) the CJR to student journalism to future-facing sites to "the trades" to law journals. Analyze, please.

Well, what could be worse?
How about if you had already -- just weeks before -- been through a storm (again, a national story) over the firing of your counsumer watchdog. What do you notice about the way this story was covered? The result, oddly enough, has been a new online publication.

Start here to read about a relatively trivial tempest for the Courant but one with implications for us because it does raise the question of the back-and-forth between outside bloggers and paid staff. You should dig around a little, read some of the other coverage of this story. What do you think about it.

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