Saturday, September 19, 2009

Early moments in class blogging

As usual, Courtney A. has come storming out of the gate. I recommend her posts and the links therein.

But ...could there be ...another comparably high traffic blogger in our midst? Matt Dwyer had a lot to say in his first few days of blogging. And Matt is not the only one in class to focus on the Annie Le story. Jessica went there too.

So maybe we should all think a little bit about the Annie Le story and how it plays in to our subject areas.

To that end, I offer you this, which has quite a lot to say, although it misses the point that the New Haven Independent is more new than old media. (It's not a newspaper in any traditional sense.)

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Robert Quigley said...

Professor McEnroe,

Good point about the NH Independent. I feel that hyperlocal sites that keep "old media" editorial structures occupy a weird space on the continuum, but the Independent probably shouldn't be on a list of traditional outlets without some sort of disclaimer.

Btw, in that vein, Dan Kennedy has an interesting interview on his blog with the editor of the New Haven Independent about the paper's principled decision not to run the name of the suspect when they broke the story, even though other outlets soon did anyway (and probably benefitted from an SEO-induced traffic surge as a result). I'm writing from my phone and can't grab the link as a result, but it's a neat read.

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