Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Also you must read ...

This study of how people handle their templates seems to have been done in 2003. I wonder if tendencies have changed more recently.


Jim said...

Thank you for the great article. I think she nails it when she describes blogs as existing between private and public space and how that is what makes blogs so unusual. We do feel as if it is “intimate space” but at the same time know that it is as public a medium as there could be.

I will need to re-read it, but my initial reading still hasn’t satisfied my question about the visual look of a blog impacting its success. Perhaps, as has mention so often in class, there is a subliminal code that we see and that attracts us. Let’s do more on this if we can.

dsterner said...

This is something I've wondered about:

"Design innovations breaking out of a certain "acceptable" visual style are increasingly rare, while weblogs that conform to expectations [....] continue to be created."

One way to look at it is that the early adopting pioneers establish a style and those that come later just follow it. They start blogs after reading other blogs and therefore after reading the codes of blogs. They then follow existing modes as a way of fitting into the tribe of bloggers. They are aided by the easy availablity of pre-existing templates and are probably most interested in just starting to blog and joining the party with a recognizable format.