Monday, November 27, 2006

Lucy in the Sky

This person could easily be a big star in blogging, IMHO. I'm going to keep my eye on her. Thanks, Cosmo. Boy, livejournal never looked so bangin', huh?


Suzan said...

LiveJournal never looked so banging? PLEASE. While Lucy's journal is funny, there are plenty of amazing bloggers throughout LiveJournal, and have been for years-- and ones who create their own layouts and have less esoteric content. Coming from a professor teaching a university level class on blogs, it's pretty disappointing that this is the "banging"est you've seen in LJ.

Colin said...

Well, I'm a very bad professor.
There's no getting around that.

Suzan said...
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Suzan said...

LOL. Wow, if only every bad professor would own up to such a thing.

You might want to invest some time in Clay Shirky's writings. Check out This particular article has a good description of LJ. I think that in the context of your class you might want to point out that LJ does not have the same writer/audience (one to many) binary that defines most blogs, but is a continous, multi-sided, time shifted conversation. Many of the entries in LJ may refer to events or discussions that happen in another venue, be it instant messenger, telephone, or face to face, and there is much recursive, esoteric, and self-referential conversation that takes place on LJ that simply doesn't occur in a one to many blog paradigm.

Since LiveJournal evolved from the original website/guestbook system to fully integrating comments-- because of this, a new methodology was born. Comments were not just "Hi, nice website" but were expected and conversation was intended to occur (and the intial writer was expected to continue the conversation as well as the readers). It is not the same tool as a traditional blog and should not be expected to be used in the same way anymore than you would use a saw to hammer in a nail.

Suzan said...

Strike that "Since" from the last thing. I really shouldn't work on projects while discussing social networking.