Monday, November 20, 2006

Nurse Knott on Dr. Crazy

Ooooooh. Maybe we will connect it all up in class, but I like the way stuff is sloshing togther here. Scott's musings on the real and hyperreal, and Brenda's exchange with Aldon about being a McMeme and then Jennie -- make sure you read the final paragraph.

Joe SqPnts: Blogging anonymity may provide a buffer to some of that, but as some of us found out with Jason, it's not a License to Kill with words. The persona, I believe, develops as we become more public with our writing, and we are able to judge upon the favorable and objectionable reactions to the things.

Sara on personae -- in a way that reinforces Caitlin's argument about the Romantic self: They all hint at certain qualities of the blogger, either real or desired. So I think that pseudonyms, though commonly used to maintain anonymity, are chosen as a sort of mark or brand. A "hey, this is me" kind of thing. Of course, there are probably many instances where this is not true, but I think that because there's always some desire to personalize what you write and what you create, to mark it in some unique way, to own it or at least attach yourself to it, pseudonyms represent the blogger, if not identify them.

Jill notices the way CGG manages her persona: First of all, I want to remark about how impressed I am with how tight-lipped CGG is about the specifics of her personal life. She certainly speaks about her personal life (congrats on the wedding!) but without any proper names of anyone or anything. Even her fiance is known only as "SO," and it wasn't until I backtracked for a month or two that I noticed that her significant other was given a masculine pronoun. And yet, her entries are very free-flowing and natural. I don't think I could do that- my entries would probably look like a letter revised by the military, with REDACTED awkwardly replacing half of the good stuff. So sorry friends- if you're in my life, you're probably in my LJ.

Hey did we know Brenda was really funny?
I would think your blogger name would get pretty tiring after awhile (it sounded good after three glasses of wine but what does “bitchkitty” actually mean?). Like the Halloween costume with the plastic thread that starts to itch, I’d think you’d be ready to take the thing off and get comfortable in sweats.

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