Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Also, read this mainstream article about MySpace


Dr. Blogstein said...

I stumbled across this site and I would like you to help fulfill a dream for me. I know this is blogging class, so if you do indeed have tests, can you please make "Dr. Blogstein" a multiple choice answer? Preferably a wrong answer, but I promise, I'm not picky.

Thank you for your time.

coturnix said...

For the discussion on social networking sites, you should read blogs (and articles) by danah boyd and Fred Stutzman:



joeydee said...

Here's one:

Dr. Blogstein most resembles:

a) Pee Wee Herman

b) Steve Urkel

c) Chicken Little

d) Milhouse Van Houten

Dr. Blogstein said...

I wanted to be an ANSWER, not a QUESTION!

But I'll take what I can get and go with "A"?