Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Visual and Rhetorical Elements of Blogging Style

Jim has been wondering about the visual elements of blogging. Let's start with this lengthy and remarkable essay about that.


Jim said...

Second attempt to comment...sorry if it appears twice

Thank you for the great article. I think she nails it when she describes blogs as existing between private and public space and how that is what makes blogs so unusual. We do feel as if it is “intimate space” but at the same time know that it is as public a medium as there could be.

I will need to re-read it, but my initial reading still hasn’t satisfied my question about the visual look of a blog impacting its success. Perhaps, as has mention so often in class, there is a subliminal code that we see and that attracts us. Let’s do more on this if we can.

dsterner said...

The article is more about blogs that are specifically focused on presenting images in some combination with text, as opposed to the general concept of a blog's appearance, which may or may not involve any more pictures than a title header image and a profile picture. The article on templates gets closer to issues of the overall look of random, text-based blogs.