Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Politix and Apologia

I am so sorry about Monday night. Believe me, if I could have had it otherwise, I would have. I seem rather star-crossed this fall. But my family emerged frim its latest trial basically unscathed. Meanwhile, the next class is not to be missed. Every manner of CT political blogger will be there. Well, that's not quite true, but all kind of folks are showing up in large numbers. So, meanwhile, go back to all the sites that covered Lieberman, Lamont and the rest of the election and refresh your memories.


Aldon Hynes said...

So that you know where I'll be coming from on Monday (unless there are really big changes between now and then), check out my recent posts at Greater Democracy.

Also, for anyone who wants to join us in Second Life, a bunch of progressive technology folks are gathering at 3 PM each day for RootsCamp. Details.

Charles has this to say about the campaign, and the MyLeftNutmeg folks are getting together this evening. Join us if you can.

joeydee said...

Don't sweat it, teach. You gotta take care of your own tepee before you worry about the rest of the tribe.

joeydee said...

By the way, I'm using my blog as a promotional tool for our upcoming TM event next Tuesday (as you may have noticed). If you want to view my class comments please click on the "Blogging On" link in my right margin. After next Tuesday I will reset this section to pop up first.


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