Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Before MySpace

So let's start by exploring LiveJournal. Any recommended sites (that we can somehow screw up)?


Aldon Hynes said...

Random LiveJournal thoughts: Check out my first LiveJournal entry.

Do you know that LiveJournal is owned by Six Apart? (ref: here). Six Apart made it big in the blogging world with MovableType, which they started providing as a hosted solution with TypePad. Their latest is project is Vox. They also recently acquired Rojo. (ref here)

One other thought about LiveJournal. When I was at RootsCamp the other weekend, Liza Sabater made some comments about how in the very early days of blogging, many women bloggers gravitated to LiveJournal because of their way of protecting peoples privacy by allowing LiveJournal users to flag posts as friends only. (Perhaps Liza will stop by and say hello and add more context.)

Jill said...

I feel like that's my cue.

I would suggest looking at this very active community that often has made my summers in NYC much more interesting and entertaining:

I'll think of more things soon.

Jill said...

I added a lot more on my LJ page

slothsinabox said...

I feel like entries like this:

" [30 Nov 2006|02:48am]


i think the last two and a half hours are testament to the best and worst of the human condition--irrational, attention starved, loving, afraid--and i'll be damned if i'll ever know what to make of it. i'm fighting back tears. for me? for him? i don't know, they're unspoken for. maybe i saw part of the human spirit i'm afraid exists in all of us and would be a dangerous thing if we left it unchecked; and i'm sure i've felt it, but its supression isn't an issue, nominally. i've never seen that look in his eyes, or anybody's. wild. caught. and embarassed. i would that we didn't have to call her, or anybody else. i'm not sure how i'll sleep tonight, but i'm going to try. i want to talk to someone, but it's almost 3 a.m. and as much as i want to talk to someone i can trust, i'd still feel bad about waking them up. so maybe i know how he feels, to a lesser degree. maybe i sympathize, if i can be that arrogant. maybe i'm the king of luxembourg and i wear a shiny hat. maybe i really don't understand what happened, and as hard as i try to wrap my head around it i feel like the rug keeps getting pulled out from under me. i haven't been that scared in a long, long time."

Happen on LJ, but wouldn't so much in Blogger. What do you guys say to that?

Aldon Hynes said...

So looking around I get the sense that Colin has been trashing the LJ community because of the number of teenage girls there. Okay, maybe that isn't really what's been going on but...

Anyway, pimping my own use of LJ, I thought I'd point out a few other things that I like about it.

You can subscribe to RSS feeds there, so, as an example, I could have Trinity Bloggers as part of my friends. Stop by and take a look at my friends, it is very much of an eclectic crew, sort of like the outcast wondering from one community together, bringing the plague to each of them.


Another thing I like about LiveJournal is the ability to easily find people in your community. You have to have an account to do it, but if you have an LJ account, check out:

Hartford Area LJers.

Other random thoughts: A lot of early LJers were also into MOOs, Roleplaying games, etc. Many of the early bloggers also kept a presence on LiveJournal.