Sunday, November 05, 2006

OK, my head is spinning

There's actually quite a lot of discussion out there in the blogopshere about what is right and what is not. Consider this account of digg -- remember digg? -- and whether its founder as honored the principle of conversation. But digg is also a place where there has been a lot of discussion of the site TechCrunch and whether it broke a rule by altering a post (at least, I think that's the problem ....some of this stuff is like walking into the middle of a movie). And then there's the recent scandal in which bloggers turned out to be working for Wal-Mart. I'm floored even by the idea that there's something called WOMMA which apparently tries to create ethics for the viral marketing crowd.


dsterner said...

Check this out:,,1938374,00.html

lednik said...

The web address doesn't work. Isn't there a way to add hyperlinks to comments? Aldon??