Thursday, November 23, 2006

Out of the mouths of sloths ...

Ignoring the part about my car, read Caitlin's musing about wordsmithery, and check out the blog she likes.


dsterner said...

Caitlin emphasizes the wordsmithery, but the blog itself's appearance immediately brings to mind that article about Visual Blogs. Certainly it reveals how a sequence of seemingly random images can be linked together through the connective tissue of the blogger's words to highlight key elemements of the story.

The pictures are only occasionally captioned, so only by reading the story can one understand why Slaghammer has started an entry on Christmas with an image of Yoda. In turn, the images enhance the story, being at times funny, at others quite poingiant.

The pictures are an essential part of this blog, and I can imaging a lot of effort must go into finding good ones.

slothsinabox said...

Really great point, Dan. Funny, but I found most of the images detracted from my reading experience. Slag's writing is so good to begin with that I wanted to just continue reading, uninterrupted by the photos (despite the fact that they are usually clever and well-chosen).

As I cruised Slag's blog I was actually thinking that he must be a graphic designer, or at least someone with access to a high-quality image source like Getty One--I remember from my days at the ad firm a few of those photos as being from Getty! (especially the doctor photo).

Thanks for reading Slag. I don't even know him, and I want some good publicity FOR that guy. :-D

joeydee said...

I would imagine that Slag is the kind of guy who laughs at a funeral and is known for losing his shirt. I thought the sex toy on the Christmas tree imagery was kind of odd, but it was amusing. I think Sloth is onto something with this guy, he seems to have a readership following him that he interacts with. He's still growing but it's working for him.

scottahb said...

I wonder what this guy does for a living...that he has the time to respond to almost each and every poster with something, even if its a generic "thanks for stopping by", on top of finding those pictures.

...That sounded negative. I was pretty taken by his stories and his presentation.

He does just about one post a week, and he has a good readership (including his wife). I don't know if he's trying to build relationships (that's probably part of it), but maintain them. How many people that read his blog does he know personally?